The Safer Way to Clean Tough Waterlines, Scale and Marine Stains

Up to 90% Less Fumes

Fast working acid based cleaner with reduced noxious fumes!

Won't Burn Intact Skin

Proprietary buffering agents prevent burns to intact skin!

Safe for fiberglass, rubber & steel hulls

You can use BOAT Magic for any application that would use muriatic or other mild to strong cleaning acids!

The User Friendly Hull & Outdrive Cleaner!

A technological breakthrough in marine cleaning, BOAT Magic Hull and Outdrive Cleaner provides superior cleaning and stain removal abilities while mitigating the dangers of harsh chemicals. BOAT Magic is a full strength product formulated to replace all other acid based hull and bottom cleaners that is easier to ship, store, and handle. This revolutionary blend of proprietary ingredients offers the cleaning capabilities of powerful acids while providing increased usability. Please note, extreme caution must be used when applying BOAT Magic full strength to aluminum surfaces.


BOAT Magic is the best choice for boats and people, too!

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Product Resources

Safety Data Sheet

Includes information pertaining to chemicals used in BOAT Magic; physical, health and environmental health hazards. Also, guidance for PPE, first aid and spill clean-up procedures.

Product Profile

Detailed summary about BOAT Magic, including product specifications, order numbers and how to properly prepare cleaning solution.

Shipping Policies

Detailed summary about BOAT Magic shipping, cancellation and return policies.

Product FAQ’s

Includes frequently asked questions about BOAT Magic, including what to expect when using and detailed information on how it should be used.

Cleaning Boat Hulls

HOW TO USE; clean and remove marine stains and discoloration from most boat hulls and bottoms.

Cleaning Outdrive Units

HOW TO USE; clean and remove marine stains and discoloration from most boat outdrive units.

Cleaning Marine Toilet

HOW TO USE; remove stubborn mineral deposits from porcelain and plastics.

Cleaning Seawater Coolant Systems

HOW TO USE; clean and remove marine debris and mineral deposits from raw seawater intake engine coolant systems.